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Male Intimate Waxing - The Guyzilian , Boyzilian or bsc wax.. its all in a name!



In answer to all those newbie waxers who often don’t really know the difference in all the various male intimate treatments this may help...

Basically the male Brazilian waxing treatment (our treatment is called the Islington wax) is where some of the pubic hair is left as a landing strip or a triangle and this hair generally shaped, trimmed or waxed into a shape as the client requires. All the other hair is removed from the buttocks and the groin area.

The male Hollywood waxing treatment (our treatment is called the Angel wax) is when all the hair is removed from both the groin area and the buttocks area leaving the genital area completely hair free.

Most therapists that offer male Brazilian waxing or male intimate waxing treatments allow the clients to have as much or as little hair removed and usually include; groin area, Speedo line, the butt cheeks and the inside of the butt area depending on what the client requires.

Often therapists have different names for their treatments so just clarify what you want when you book and the therapist will name it for you if you are not sure!!

My male Brazilian waxing treatments have been given different names so it’s a bit easier booking your appointment especially if you are calling from a public place and don’t want friends and colleagues to know.

My most popular male intimate waxing treatment is the “Islington wax” more commonly known as a male Brazilian wax. On my price list if you hover the mouse on the name of the treatment name a little window will open which explains exactly which areas are included within your treatment and what type of wax and waxing method is applied for that area.

I offer a variety of male intimate waxes so that clients are not tied into one treatment option and these are priced accordingly and some of these include combinations to include a male back wax or a chest waxing treatment as these are often popular male grooming combos and some clients often combine a male intimate waxing treatment with some manscaping in areas like the chest or the legs to give a more blended and natural look to the body.

These are the combinations we offer

The Upper Street Wax – Often known as a back, sack and crack wax or Bsc wax and includes the male back and shoulder wax combined with a male Brazilian or male Hollywood waxing treatment.

The Cross Street Wax – Our equivalent of a CSC wax! The chest sack and crack wax and includes the full chest and abs waxing combined with male Brazilian or male Hollywood waxing treatment.

The Essex Road Wax – Our back and butt wax! Combines a full male back and shoulder wax and a full male butt waxing treatment.

Some of the other terms for male intimate waxing treatments include: Boyzilian  , Guyzilian , Manscaping, Brozilian, Extreme Waxing, Boykini, Sunga waxing, and of course the popular back , sack and crack 

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Jack Dunn

I am a male therapist offering a range of professional male grooming treatments from my studio based in Islington, London N1. The range of therapies offered include male waxing, massage , facials for men and a range of spa rituals and treatment combinations all designed to pamper , cleanse and relax.

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