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These blogs are designed to help you maintain your male grooming routine by following this waxing aftercare advice

Male Intimate Waxing - The back, sack and crack wax explained.


Okay so you have decided to have your first male intimate waxing treatment. For a lot of guys that have been shaving or using hair removal creams to remove the hair in the nether regions then the thing to bear in mind is that male intimate waxing is nothing like these methods and once you have tried waxing you will never go back to these other methods.

To begin with you need to think about which areas that you want to wax and then choose the appropriate male intimate waxing treatment that covers this area. So if it’s your butt, scrotum, penis, butt cheeks ,pubic hair or all of these areas then there is a treatment that covers it!

So if you have been removing the hair in these areas with alternative hair removal methods then we recommend that you have at least a 4 week gap between this and your first waxing treatment; it will be much easier for the therapist to remove all the hair, much more comfortable for you and a better chance to remove all the hairs to achieve a good result for your first appointment. The other side of the coin is the hairy monster where no hair has ever been removed and the intimate areas are covered in a mass of long thick hair. Then trimming the hair prior to the appointment will be much easier for your comfort. For an efficient wax ideally hair should be 5/6 mm in length so leave hair slightly longer so the therapist has enough hair growth to work with.

Arrive clean and freshly showered prior to your appointment. Intimate wipes will be provided to offer you the chance to freshen up before the waxing treatment.

Following consultation and having your treatment process explained the waxing will commence!

So depending on which treatment you decide upon you will be asked to get into position. If the male intimate waxing treatment includes the butt cheeks or butt crack then we start on the back so you will be required to get up on your knees so the butt area can be waxed. This is the best way to remove all the hair in this area and to get best access to get the job done correctly and leave you hair free.

For the front areas the techniques used for all the male intimate waxing treatments do not require the client to stretch the skin or to participate in any way with the treatment; just relax and leave the waxing to your expert!

We only use the best quality wax; Perron Rigot for all our treatments. For the male intimate waxing treatments we only apply a non strip wax which offers better precision, more client comfort and great results with minimal discomfort.

After the waxing we immediately apply soothing jasmine oil which will remove any bits of residual wax, before applying a cool blue lotion to remove the oils and finally we will apply a post waxing product, depending on the skin type we will either use a refreshing gel or moisturising milk.

Aftercare is so important and we offer extensive aftercare advice for all clients and on our blog we have lots of useful male waxing aftercare advice for our clients and we will provide a free aftercare pack for all our clients as well as the opportunity to retail our range of post waxing skincare as well as our own exfoliating wash cloth A Bit of Rough.

To make booking easy we have applied discrete names of local areas around our neighbourhood for all our male intimate waxing treatments so that you can book from the comfort of your shared office or whilst walking up the high street!

So for clarification here are the names and their more commonly known translation:

  • ·         The Islington – a male Brazilian wax
  • ·         The Angel – a male Hollywood wax
  • ·         The Green- sack and crack wax
  • ·         Essex Road – a male back and butt wax
  • ·         Cross Street – a male chest, sack and crack wax
  • ·         Upper Street – a back sack and wax (bsc wax)
  • ·         Arsenal – a male butt wax

·         Holloway Road – male crack wax



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Jack Dunn

I am a male therapist offering a range of professional male grooming treatments from my studio based in Islington, London N1. The range of therapies offered include male waxing, massage , facials for men and a range of spa rituals and treatment combinations all designed to pamper , cleanse and relax.

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